Archie McCarty loves to fish. Beginning with an idea he had in 1998 he began to make fishing handles for himself, his family and a few friends. Before long he was getting calls asking if he could make handles for others. Eventually he developed a line of seven handle styles fit to specific types of rods, and paired them with four different woods that performed well and looked great.
The result is a catalog of 28 possible combinations each made one-at-a-time. And, of course, you can have a truly unique, custom handle made to your exact specifications by the man himself! Just give Archie a call to talk it over.
These handles are sanded and ready for you to apply the epoxy when you finish your rod. This way you are in control of the finished product and you save money when you finish your own handles. Don't forget to talk to Archie about laser engraving your custom handle!!

Archie's prices start at only $10!

By clicking through the catalog you can see examples of his expert work with beautiful woods - Butternut, Cherry, Walnut - and the most popular by far - Red Cedar.

Look them over and give Archie a call - you'll be fishing in style and comfort real soon! Other than the common woods, the handles can be made from laminated wood. To see an asssortment of laminates, click Here To see the name of the handle, just hover the mouse over it.

Here Archie creates a new handle in his workshop. Fishing since the age of three he has learned a thing or two about comfort and performance in fishing gear. Give him a call to discuss your idea for your ultimate fishing handle!

Archie doesn't have a computer - no email - just give him a call and talk fishing!